When I studied in junior high school, my father sent me to an English cram school for studying English well. The school had a degree test. Afterwards they suggested me to study in class B, but my father wanted me to study in class A. (I don’t know why, maybe he can’t accept his daughter having a low grade because he is a teacher.)
When I studied in class A, I saw many classmates speaking English smoothly but I couldn’t. I had a lot of pressure to study English and felt inferior from that time. Even now, if I am pressured, I will dream of having an English Exam.
Fortunately, I met a nice English teacher, Jenny. She was always patient and wasn’t make fun of my poor English and encouraged us to practice more. It inspires me a lot to keep studying English. Furthermore, some of my friends also want to practice English more, so we will exchange our opinions on FaceBook.
Some guy said that you can ignore your defeat in English or practice more to overcome it. I think overcoming it is a good way.


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