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It has continued for a week!! >"<.

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I like to express my opinion because I think it’s a good way to communicate. If you never express your opinion, none can know where you stand. They may guess what you thought, but they may misunderstand.
Although some opinion is embarrassing to convey, there may be an opportunity for us to practice the expression ability. There are always different opinions between people, so it’s unavoidable to exchange our opinions or just to follow other’s suggestion; even so it’s quite important to know other people’s points of view.

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I had a haircut yesterday. Although the hairstyle isn’t that I originally wanted to have, but I think it would be fine now. I brought some pictures to show the hairdresser which hairstyle I wanted, but I thought it’s different in the end.

At first I just wanted a trim. After considering the discount, I also dyed my hair brown and had a conditioner. I think it’s still expensive with the discount. It’s easy to take money from a woman especially for the beauty.


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"the next day/month/year" is used to describe something happened in the past.

Mary graduated in year 2005 and got married the next year. (過去)
Mary will graduate from university this year and will get married next year.(未來)

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I think most of people have forgotten next Monday is Teacher’s Day because it’s not a holiday anymore. My father used to grumble that I couldn’t remember the important day even if he is a teacher. xD

A teacher’s attitude has a great influence on everyone’s growing background. My dad said that I was lucky to meet some nice teachers. I still remember them letting me study happily and confidently. One of them is a mathematics teacher so maybe it’s the reason why I like to study math.

Although I don’t keep in touch with them, they are still in my mind.

Wish all teachers have a good time!! :)

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I felt a little uncomfortable when I got up yesterday morning. I thought maybe I caught a cold but I was not sure. I had a headache and felt muscle and joint pains. So I took some medicine and then went to bed. I slept till my mom woke me up to eat lunch. I felt better when I got up.

Avoid being contagious with the flu, my mom put the dining utensils into the boiling water. And I stayed in my room whole day and kept my niece away.

Last night, I asked my mom “if I should go to see a doctor? Maybe I could see a doctor in tomorrow evening?” But my mom said that I should go to see a doctor in tomorrow morning. If H1N1 inflected me, I can’t go to work. So I went to see a doctor in this morning. I asked the nurse if they have the service for checking H1N1 quickly. But the nurse told me the service only for the patient having these symptoms: fever, coughing, and muscle and joint pains. So I got some medicine of general flu and went to work.

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I went to see a performance on Tuesday night. Although I was a little under the weather but I insisted on my going. The reason is one of my colleagues, Cheng-Tao, would played a role in the performance and I never saw his performance before. I also invited one of my friend to go with me because I didn’t want to go alone. When I was there, I found Cheng-Tao had been there and found another colleague also attended.

It was very interesting that the dancers were moving around us. So we wouldn’t be asleep because we must turn our head to catch the dancers.
There were music and dancing in the performance. Sometimes I felt happy and sometimes I felt sad following the melody. I really like this kind of performance. If you are interested in, there are informations:

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When I studied in junior high school, my father sent me to an English cram school for studying English well. The school had a degree test. Afterwards they suggested me to study in class B, but my father wanted me to study in class A. (I don’t know why, maybe he can’t accept his daughter having a low grade because he is a teacher.)
When I studied in class A, I saw many classmates speaking English smoothly but I couldn’t. I had a lot of pressure to study English and felt inferior from that time. Even now, if I am pressured, I will dream of having an English Exam.
Fortunately, I met a nice English teacher, Jenny. She was always patient and wasn’t make fun of my poor English and encouraged us to practice more. It inspires me a lot to keep studying English. Furthermore, some of my friends also want to practice English more, so we will exchange our opinions on FaceBook.
Some guy said that you can ignore your defeat in English or practice more to overcome it. I think overcoming it is a good way.

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I went to watch a movie “The Proposal” this afternoon with my sister. It’s a romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock. The movie is about that Margaret wants to get a green card to keep work in U.S. so she threatens her assistant, Andrew, pretending marry her. They don’t get along at first but fall in love in the end.
We really enjoy the movie because it's funny. I think watching a movie in a cinema is a good pastime to relax myself.

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This is my first badminton course with a professional instructor. It’s a little exciting that everyone wants to have more skills to play well.

We started first class this noon and practiced serving at first. Afterward we practiced catching the shuttle from right side to left side and by terms in the end.

It’s really tiring although we just practiced one hour, but I think if we continuously practice for several weeks we will good at playing badmintom.

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The weather was very strange yesterday.
After it rained awhile the sun shined, and it rained again immediately turn by turn.
Sometimes it even rained while the sun was shining.

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I think we were crazy last night in bowling alley, especially the member of MIB. Everybody was excited even though we didn’t get acquainted with each other. It’s really a successful party. I think anyone joined the party would like to join the next!!

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I didn't write my English homework for one week after ending my English class. I think it’s enough time to relax myself, and I have to study hard continuously.
It was a happy weekend that I met many friends and some from Hsinchu and some from Kaohsiung. We enjoyed having a gossip and felt time passing away speedily. After talking with them, I think I must restart myself ASAP.
I also made a one-day tour with some friends. We went to the northeast to see a majestic temple. It stands on the top in the hill so you can see the Fu-long Beach. Although it’s very beautiful but it’s still too hot to have a walk in the afternoon.

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After playing badminton with my colleagues, we had meals in a steakhouse.
Steve also joined us there. It's a pity that I talked to Steve just for one time only during the past two months even though he is going to leave.

We had a lot of fun at the gathering. I would like to keep practicing in my poor English dialogues and hope it smoothly ASAP. Hope I will have more talks with next Steve. :p


even though +子句

seldom ... 幾乎不... 跟hardly有異曲同工的意思,有負面的意思

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In the end of the summer vacation, I finally went to swim yesterday noon. I was a little nervous because I hadn't gone to swum for nine months and I had never been to the swimming pool in Sinica.
I went alone, just like the atmosphere filled in my heart.
I felt a little cold first so I swan immediately. It was a long time that I hadn't immersed my whole body in the water. When immersing in the water, I felt the silence just like being lost in heaven. It’s magical and wonderful.
I swan slowly as usual and I used to be the slowest frog in the pool.
I thought I wouldn’t take a breath smoothly, but after swimming for about 100m I could do it. It’s cheerful.

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Yu, my niece, is so cute and naive that all members of my family love her so much. If she eats or sleeps enough, she will smile all day and wake up without crying. At that time, she is an angel. On the contrary, if she is hungry or sleepy, she will cry aloud till the bottle is being put into her mouth or comforting her to be asleep.
She is one year old now. She can stand by herself and run slowly. If you are busy in the kitchen, she will wait for you to get a piece of apple or some other food. She is impatient yet, if you don’t satisfy her desire, she will climb on your body without your permission. She likes eating and chewing very much, so her mouth is working all day. I hope she will not be too chubby some day.


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From a psychological evaluation result on FaceBook, it said that I am a Martian. After that, my friends told me to go back Mars as soon as possible. One friend said that the flight to Mars is too expensive, so I must stay on the earth because I am poor. So, I must work hard until exhausted from now on, otherwise I can’t go home.

Jekyll Chen It is shown that I am a Martian from a psychological evaluation result on Facebook. Afterwards, my friends told me to go back to Mars as soon as possible. One of my friends said that the flight to Mars is so expensive that I have to stay in the earth due to being poor so much.
2009年8月13日 13:00 ·

Redsky Yang 感激~
Afterward 不是連接詞嗎? 這樣前面現在式後面過去是會不會怪怪的啊?
2009年8月13日 13:07 ·

Jekyll Chen Afterwards是副詞, 用來修飾整句。前面的句子表狀態, 其實用It was shown也可以...
2009年8月13日 13:10 ·

Paul Liu Jekyll這個英國人就是愛嚼舌根... :p
2009年8月13日 13:16 ·

Redsky Yang 超人 你心理測驗 是外國人耶 xD
2009年8月13日 13:55 ·

Redsky Yang Jekyll應該是因為我想要練習英文才會故意說得比較文法一點的 :p
2009年8月13日 13:59 ·

Redsky Yang 不過我覺得自己寫文章只會用自己會用的,要怎樣活用自己不會用的? 在想是不是要定主題寫? 不要再寫生活日記了?
2009年8月13日 14:00 ·

Paul Liu 那我亂入一下...Yoda英文...
Martian, a psychological evaluation said I am.
Back to Mars ASAP, my friends told me I should.
Too expensive, the flight to Mars is.
Stay earth, the only choice I have.
2009年8月13日 14:01 ·

Redsky Yang Yoda 是啥? 簡化版嗎?
2009年8月13日 14:02 ·

Jekyll Chen in the earth好像是慣用語... 如果是要強烈表達"在地球"這個星球的意思, 自然是可以不用加 the ~~~
2009年8月13日 14:09 ·

Paul Liu Yoda就是那個星際大戰綠綠的矮個老頭啊... 講話都是這個調調...
2009年8月13日 14:43 ·

Redsky Yang 唷 xD
2009年8月13日 14:59 ·

Eric Yang 我覺得這篇寫得很好,啟承轉合,有點小故事的感覺。
2009年8月13日 15:15 ·

Hung-Ju Lin 大推Yoda英文!Yoda講話真的很有喜感說~~
2009年8月13日 17:44 ·

Redsky Yang 老師說這邊要用 on the earth....
2009年8月20日 23:35 ·

Redsky Yang till 跟until 的用法
2009年8月20日 23:40 ·

Paul Liu 嗯,我想到其實當天我後來有查了一下...

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Some people said that the photographs can tell the feeling which the photographers want to express. You can see the love story or sad story through the lens by the man holding the camera.
Sometimes you can also discover the secrecy hiding in the photographer’s mind. You will see the model’s eye filling with belief and happiness, so you might guess they are a couple. If there is a feeling of distance within the photograph, then you may guess the photographer just get acquainted with the model or first visited someplace.
Although I like to take picture and have a lot of friends, but I really fear of seeing the unhappiness story picture, especially you discover your boy-friend take a photo having distance from you.

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My mother brought two piece of fried chickens when she came back. Those are the evil food after eight o'clock in the evening.

Jekyll Chen hmm ... My mother brought two pieceS of fried chicken when she came back. Those WERE the evil food after 8 in the evening.
2009年8月11日 0:19 ·

ChiaHsin Liu my mom bo 2 pis of fri-chicken when coming back. thos r the evil fud after 8. (kid's version)
2009年8月11日 0:23 ·

Redsky Yang xD Thanks Jekyll.
每次都會檢查不週到Q_Q 我覺得直接反應還沒有很快呢!!
2009年8月11日 0:49 ·

Redsky Yang 我覺得要用過去式比較好,因為雞排吃掉了唷!! xD
2009年8月11日 0:52 ·

Joey Weng 要用過去式或現在式得看妳要表達的是什麼。像妳這篇前面用過去式沒問題,但後面那一句我覺得用現在簡單式比較好。因為八點後吃東西很不好這件事是長久下來都成立的事,而不是只有過去才成立。
2009年8月11日 6:14 ·

Redsky Yang 可是一下子過去式一下子現在式 好詭異啊 下次再來問老師這一個問題 我也很疑惑...
2009年8月11日 10:24 ·

Joey Weng 就我的了解,子句的前後要用同樣的時態。但因為妳這二句是分開的句子,所以使用不同時態應該沒有問題。前一句妳在描述過去發生的一件事(令堂買雞排回來),後一句則是說明一件從以前到現在,甚至到未來都成立的事,所以用現在簡單式比較好。如果妳詢問英文老師後有什麼比較好的寫法,記得分享一下哩。:)
2009年8月11日 10:33 ·

Eric Yang 建議妳可以在有自動拼字檢查的軟體中打文章,這樣比較不用花時間檢查打錯字,而可以著重在文法上。
2009年8月11日 18:54 ·

Joey Weng 其實 Facebook 的編輯介面也有提供拼字檢查功能。:)
2009年8月11日 18:59 ·

Redsky Yang 今天問老師,果然要用現在式啊 :p
2009年8月12日 22:07 ·

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My mother brought two piece of fried chickens when she came back. Those are the evil food after eight o'clock in the evening.

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